Twilight Forest Ur-ghast.png
Health points
250 (HeartFull.pngx 125)
(Fireball)*Direct hit* 16 (HeartFull.png x 8) (Tear) 3 (HeartFull.pngHeartHalf.png)
The Ur-ghast can be found flying around at the top of the gigantic Dark Towers. It appears as a large, supernatural creature with many large, waving tentacles. It is covered in what adventurers fear is blood. This creature resemble the Carminite Ghastguards, due to their ability to stalk players, as well as the Nether-exclusive Ghasts, but is much larger and much more dangerous.


The Ur-ghast is extremely dangerous while in combat, and full Diamond, Steeleaf or Naga Scale armor is recommended to fight this scary creature. Adventurers are advised to be very careful where they're standing, as the netherrack eternal fire can burn them, as well as the Ur-ghast blasting them off the edge with one of its fireballs.

Adventurers also are advised to bring a Bow or a projectile weapon, as the Ur-ghast can be a very tricky creature to land a hit on. The Ur-ghast has only one main attack, but also has many different abilities and moods. Adventurers may also note that during tantrum mode, the player will take damage from the Ur-ghast's tears.


The Ur-ghast's signature attack, fireballs, deal great damage to the player as will as lighting him on fire. The Ur-ghast will fire three fireballs at once, making them difficult to dodge. Like normal Ghasts, these fireballs can be reflected.

Below you can see the Ur-ghast prepared to fire triple fireballs.
Twilight Forest Angry Ur-ghast.png

Summon Minions

The Ur-ghast has a special ability to summon Carminite Ghastlings with a lightning strike. These minions will spawn out of Ghast Traps. They are weaker than regular Ghastlings, since a hit from any weapon could kill them. Adventurers are advised to be very cautious when they hear the lightning strike of a Ur-ghast.

Tantrum Mode

When the Ur-ghast reaches low health, it will begin a tantrum mode. He will change the weather to rain and keep on summoning minions. During this mode, the Ur-ghast will not attack the player and only make loud wails and cry ghast tears until its death. If the player is under the Ur-ghast while it's crying, the player will get hurt if hit by a tear.

Below you can see the Ur-ghast during tantrum mode.
Twilight Forest Sad Ur-ghast.png


Once an adventurer slays a Ur-ghast, a treasure chest will appear in the middle of the battle area. This chest will contain several doses of the Ur-ghast's Fiery Blood as well as a few pieces of Carminite. Inside the chest will also contain the highly rewarding Ur-ghast Trophy. The Ur-ghast will also drop many levels of experience.

Below you can see the treasure chest containing these valuable treasures.
Twilight Forest Ur-ghast Treasure.png