Better Twilight Forest Lich.png
Health points
100 (HeartFull.pngx 50)
Attack strength
(Ender pearl) 6 (HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.png) (Fireball)*Depending on amount of armor and how close* 0-10
The Lich resides on the top of a Lich Tower. It appears as a tall humanoid skeleton wearing a purple cape, and a large golden crown.


This former wizard retains a wide variety of attacks, which it deploys in three basic phases.

In the first phase, the Lich summons shadowy, invincible duplicates. The Lich itself is protected by a rotating ring of shields. Both the Lich and the duplicates fire blue-green projectiles that look like ender pearls. Quick-thinking adventurers report that the projectiles can be reflected with a properly-timed swing, similar to a Ghast's fireballs. During the first phase, the Lich can be seen holding a Twilight Scepter. Every time the player reflects the Lich's projectiles back at it, it will remove one of its shields.

The second phase begins when the Lich's shields are depleted. In the second phase, The Lich switches to holding a Zombie Summoning Scepter, and uses it to to summon an army of Zombies to attack the player.

In the third phase, when the Lich runs out of zombies to summon, it attacks the player hand-to-hand with a golden sword.


The Lich drops a number of items when defeated. First, there is a strange array of golden armor and a golden sword, all strongly enchanted with seemingly random effects. Second, the Lich drops exactly one scepter, either the Twilight Scepter, the Life Draining Scepter, or the Zombie Summoning Scepter. Finally, the Lich drops around 1-4 Ender Pearls, a couple of Bones, and the highly decorative Lich Trophy.