Landmarks in the Twilight Forest fall into two categories - Major and Minor.

Major Landmarks

Major Landmarks will show up on a Magic Map, and are massive structures filled with treasure, monsters, and even some of the boss monsters. Each major landmark has it's own page that goes into detail about what the landmark may contain:

Minor Landmarks

Minor Landmarks can be found scattered throughout the Twilight Forest in most Biomes. They are generally smaller structures that add to the variety and mystery that makes up the Twilight Forest.

Stone Circle

A rough stone circle of Cobblestone. In ancient times, used to worship nature, but now only the forest creatures remain.


Made with fence, wooden plank and mossy cobblestone. There is a rare occasion when a cave meets a well, where you could go into a well through a cave. Wells can spawn in different sizes. Who knows what could be at the bottom of these mysterious wells?


Looks like the base of a house made of Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone. It has a wooden plank floor but the grass grew over it in some places. Adventurers say there can sometimes be a secret treasure buried somewhere near these ruins.

Druid Hut

Decaying huts still moulder away in the Twilight Forest, slowly being reclaimed by nature. Be warned, Skeletal Druids still haunt the huts, and each contains a spawner.


Odd pillars of stone can be found throughout the landscape, erected by a long forgotten people. They are made of Obsidian, topped with a Lapis Lazuli Block. They are a welcome sight to new explorers of the Twilight Forest, as Ravens are known to haunt the surrounding area.


Occasionally, stalagmites from the Caves and Hollow Hills of the Twilight Forest break through and jut out of the ground.

Leaf Dungeon

In the branches of the Twilight Oak Trees, an adventurer may hear high-pitched spider noises. These noises are coming from a Leaf Dungeon. Leaf Dungeons are a home to Swarm Spiders, each dungeon containing a Swarm Spider spawner, as well as a very special treasure. The treasures within a Leaf Dungeon contain different food, different kinds of Twilight Forest Tree Saplings, and also occasionally the rare Magic Tree Saplings.
Twilight Forest Leaf Dungeon.png

Quest Grove Ruins

An adventurer may be fooled by these ruins to think they are a Quest Grove, but they are just ruins of one. Wise adventurers would not be fooled by these tiny ruins.
Twilight Forest Quest Grove Ruins.png

Twilight Oak Stump

Twilight Oak Stumps are stumps of what was once a Twilight Oak Tree. These stumps are a good supply of wood as well as Roots inside the stump.
Twilight Forest Twilight Oak Stump.png

Hollow Log

Hollow Logs are pieces of Twilight Oak Trees. Hollow Logs can be found in many places throughout the Twilight Forest and can also be covered in Moss Patches.
Twilight Forest Hollow Log.png