Twilight Forest

external image bhNlp.png

This biome exemplifies the Twilight Forest. Canopy Trees stretch overhead, trees grow thickly throughout, and occasional Twilight Oaks grow to cloud level. On the ground, woodland creatures can be found as in other biomes as well as ferns, tall grass, and the occasional patch of mushrooms.

Dense Twilight Forest

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The Dense Twilight Forest biome is hillier and more thickly forested than the normal Twilight Forest biome. Bushes and other ground vegetation make it difficult to navigate. Ferns outnumber any other type of ground cover in this biome.


Better Twilight Forest Swamp.png

The Twilight Forest Swamp biome has Mangroves and swamp oak trees, with vines growing throughout. Many small pools of water have sand or clay at the bottom. There is a chance you may run across a Hydra Lair in this biome. Mosquito Swarms are very abundant in Twilight Swamps.

Fire Swamp

external image iCZum.png

A strange variant of the Swamp with rust-red grass and foliage. Lava pools replace water pools here. Small marks on the ground occasionally erupt into Fire Jets or columns of Smoking Blocks. The Fire Swamp is the natural home of the Hydra in the Hydra Lair.


external image tRVgK.png

The Highlands are high plateaus covered in birch trees, pine trees, and large oak trees. Exposed Stone, Coal, and Iron can sometimes be also found in this biome, with the occasional Landmark.

Mushroom Forest

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The Mushroom Forest is similar to the Twilight Forest biome, but instead has gigantic mushroom trees. This biome features more mushrooms than normal. Mushroom Canopy Trees occasionally replace the normal Canopy Trees, and giant mushrooms dot the landscape.

Deep Mushroom Forest

external image MyjSG.png

This biome occasionally occurs rarely inside the Mushroom Forest biome. The mushrooms, huge mushrooms and canopy mushrooms are especially thick here, and patches of Mycelium replace the grass in spots.


Better Twilight Forest Clearing.png

A flat, grassy spot of the forest with few trees and lots of high grass and flowers. Adventures can find many Small Landmarks throughout this biome. Clearings are the main place to find Labyrinths and have fewer caves to make room for the Labyrinth's immense size.


Better Twilight Forest Lake.png

Deep in the forest, you might encounter these huge, deep blue lakes. The Lake is similar to overworld oceans but much smaller. It is a mystery as to what these Lakes will contain. Is is rumored that one day an island might appear in the lakes. Who knows what it will hold?

Dark Forest

Better Twilight Forest Dark Forest.png

The Dark Forest is a spooky place. Darkwood Trees leave most sections of this biome as dark as underground. Above the trees, ponds, and, much less commonly, lava pools (which don't burn the leaves), can be generated, as well as the frightening Dark Tower and Goblin Knight Stronghold. The mobs found here are Skeletal Druids, Kobolds, Zombies, Skeletons, Mistwolves, and King Spiders. Dark Forests are the only place to find Dark Towers, Goblin Knight Strongholds, Mistwolves and King Spiders.

Enchanted Forest
Twilight Forest Enchanted Forest.png

The Enchanted Forest is a rare and wonderful find. It is notable for its ever-changing foliage colors, which cycle between several shades of blue, green and a combination of the two. Rainbow Trees spawn here in lieu of Canopy Trees, which can still be found but in far fewer numbers. The Enchanted Forest is the only biome where it is possible to find the Quest Grove containing the Quest Ram, which is an even more valuable find as it poses the potential to receive one of each resource block for feeding the Quest Ram one of each color of wool, a potentially very powerful gift for starting adventures or a good booster for adventures that have progressed far.

Snowy Forest

external image SlazW.png

The Snowy Forest is very similar to the Taiga biome of the overworld. Spruce Trees are abundant, as is the thick snow covering. Oak Trees have a chance to spawn here, however. The Snowy Forest is always found surrounding a Glacier biome.


external image KZG7h.png

Glaciers are gigantic slabs of ice that are several hundred meters wide and long and several dozen meters tall. Colonies of Penguins can be found on top of a Glacier.

Twilight Stream

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More often than not, Twilight Streams serve as a border between two or more biomes and can be seen as such on a Magic Map. More lily pads appear in Twilight Streams than in overworld rivers.